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Welcome to my new website. I am a flute maker based in Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo. Ireland. I have a long involvement in traditional Irish music (I am a keen flute player) & began woodturning (attaining the City & Guilds qualification) & making simple cylindrical keyless polymer flutes around 2003 mainly as a hobby.  I was fortunate enough to make my first wooden flute (an African blackwood keyless Rudall & Rose copy) in Cambridge in 2012 under the expert guidance of Robert Bigio (highly respected flute maker & Author of 'Rudall, Rose & Carte, The art of the Flute in Britain' & 'Readings in the History of the Flute'.) Following on from that in 2013 I obtained a place on the much renowned 'Woodwind Instrument Making & Repair' course in Newark on Trent UK, a full time three year specialist course (attracting students from around the world) which covers all aspects of woodwind instrument making/repair in very great detail, running alongside a separate two year course in engineering practices providing invaluable instruction in using the various techniques & machinery involved in woodwind instrument making and specialist toolmaking.

Now having set up my own workshop, I am very happy to be offering my own flutes based on some of the best examples from the original historical makers (Rudall & Rose/Boosey & Co.). With careful adjustments to certain measurements to bring into modern pitch A=440 and optimized for playing Irish traditional music. My flutes have a full and balanced tone throughout two & a half octaves, feature excellent intonation and minimal air requirement to fill, with a strong bottom D. I offer instruments in selected African blackwood & Mopane (a dark reddish tropical hardwood), & 'Delrin' (Acetal Polymer) which is a fantastic alternative to the tropical hardwoods, being an extremely dense and rigid polymer used in many engineering applications being known for its toughness & durability (& being almost indestuctible!). The tone of the Delrin instruments is almost indistinguishable from the wooden equivalents (it is turned by hand & machined in exactly the same way as wood from solid rod).It is also impervious to the elements (no need to worry about moisture/temperature/risk of splits) & requires virtually zero maintenance (no oiling/swabbing out etc). If you are interested in any of my models please feel free to contact me to discuss any questions, options, pricing etc. You are welcome to visit me at my workshop near Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo, Ireland (by prior appointment please).


Damian Thompson (Flute maker).

I offer a choice of models, available in D, E flat and C.

*NEW* The 'Two piece' model. A tunable two piece design only available in Delrin incorporating a lengthened headjoint  & one piece (tapered bore) body. More details about this flute in the 'Updates' section below.

The 'Student' model. Slightly shorter and lighter (& at a more budget price) than 'Rudall' & 'Pratten' models, featuring an integral short footjoint. Available in African blackwood, Mopane or Delrin.

The 'Rudall' model. Based on a flute  by Rudall & Rose, medium/large toneholes & bore, the body is in three sections, an extremely well balanced & responsive instrument. Available in African blackwood, Mopane or Delrin.

The 'Pratten' model. Based on a flute by R.S Pratten & Boosey & Co. with larger toneholes & less 'complex' bore giving a more powerful tone, with a two piece body. Available in African blackwood, Mopane or Delrin.

'Flute in C' model. I now offer flutes in the key of C (below D), my own design based on the 'Rudall' style.

Current price list/availability.

Delrin (polymer) flutes in D, E flat and C

Supplied with soft carry pouch. Without sterling silver rings. (Sterling silver rings are an option).

'Two Piece' model in D or E flat  Euro 225  (with rings Euro 295)

'Two Piece model in C  Euro 275 (with rings Euro 345)


'Two Piece combo'  'option 1' One Headjoint with D and E flat body sections  Euro 365 (with rings Euro 435)

 'Two Piece  combo 'option 2' One Headjoint with C and D or E flat body sections Euro 415 (w/rings Euro 485)

'Two Piece Trio'  One Headjoint with D, C and E flat body sections Euro 565

(with rings Euro 650)

'Student' model ; Euro 335   (with rings Euro 425)


'Pratten' model ;  Euro 370   (with rings Euro 470)

'Rudall' model ;  Euro 395   (with rings Euro 510)


'Flute in C model Euro 445  (with rings 560)

Wooden flutes in D, E flat and C.

Supplied with a hard case. Sterling silver rings are fitted as standard.
Selected African blackwood or Mopane usually available (from sustainable sources). Boxwood may also be available.


'Student' model (in D or E flat) Euro 580

'Pratten' model (in D or E flat)  Euro 630

'Rudall' model (in D or E flat)  Euro 670

'Flute in C' model Euro 740


I have recently had to extend my waiting list times due to an increased workload to:
 Delrin flutes estimate  @ 2-3 Months.
 Wooden flutes estimate @ 5-7 Months.

All models (except the all Delrin 'Two Piece') come with a nickel silver part lined headjoint/barrel with a (nickel silver) tuning slide.

All rings are sterling silver and hand forged.

All tenons are lapped with premium natural cork.

Tone holes can be 'off set' (for those with smaller hands) on all models at no extra charge.

Please note that I am currently unable to offer keyed flutes whilst upgrading my workshop equipment. Keyed models will be available again in due course.

A deposit of 20% is asked for when placing an order.

Payment through Paypal or BACS (Bank Transfer)

A 30 day trial/refund period is offered after delivery if you are not happy for any reason whatsoever.

A 12 month workmanship guarantee is also provided.

Shipping (worldwide,insured,tracked & signed for) at cost.


Update February '18- Video added to the gallery of James Murray of Tubbercurry, Co Sligo playing two jigs on a Delrin 'Rudall' model.

Video also added April '18- 'The Green Mountain' (Reel) played on three Thompson flutes.

August '18 More videos added! Just go to Gallery & hit 'Video'


Update June '18- New 'Two piece' model flute.

NEW MODEL INTRODUCED!  brand new all Delrin (tunable) 'Two piece' model. Tuned to D (A=440)  the 'Two piece' model is a simplified two piece design in Delrin incorporating a lengthened headjoint (to include what would normally be the separate barrel section) & a one piece tapered bore body section (following a 'Rudall' profile). The single (Delrin) tenon on the body has been slightly lengthened & thinned to work in the same way as a conventional metal tuning slide. Thinning the tenon this way helps to reduce any disruption inside the bore when the headjoint is pulled out for tuning purposes. This would not be possible on a wooden flute as the risk of cracking would be too great. It works perfectly with Delrin. My aim in introducing this new design is to be able to offer a well made, responsive & in tune instrument at an affordable price for those whose budget does not extend further. The same care & attention to finish is given to this flute as all my other models (being precision machined from solid rod stock by myself & worked by hand in detail ). The same amount of time is taken over the embouchure cut/undercutting of tone holes, intonation & voicing of the flute.It is essentially just stripped down of any extra features & being all Delrin is reasonably quick & economical to make.. A soft carry pouch is included in the price of Euro 225 (plus shipping). Sterling silver rings & an end cap can be added for an extra Euro 70 (total Euro 295). Pictures in the 'Gallery' (& across right). An Eb and C version of this design are now also available Thanks!

March '19- Flutes in E flat now available!

All my models are now available in the key of E flat (as well as D).

Summer trip July 2019 Ireland!

I am in Ireland from July 7-29 2019 and will be in attendance at;

Willie Clancy Summer School, Miltown Malbay Co. Clare July 7-13

South Sligo Summer School. Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo July 14-20

Joe Mooney Summer School, Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim July 21-28 

I will have a selection of flutes available to try for anyone interested, send a message on the 'contact' page, or call me, now or at the time, cheers!


February 2020.

I have now relocated to Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo, Ireland.


July 2020

Flutes in the key of C now available.



Robert Bigio http://www.bigio.com/

Newark woodwind course clarinet making video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D76nBZ02WOo


'Rudall' model in delrin with six sterling silver keys & rings

All Delrin Two piece Trio' model in D with Eb and C interchangable body sections & sterling silver rings.

Delrin and Mopane flutes with D, C and Eb body sections.

'Rudall' model flutes in Delrin, Mopane, Boxwood & African Blackwood.

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