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              Thompson Flutes

             Damian Thompson

               Crimlin Cottage



                     Co. Sligo



           Tel; 00353 (0)83 104 1646

     Wait times (estimated)

Keyless flutes       3-5 months

Keyed flutes     10-16 months

Keyless flutes are supplied with a free soft case

Keyed flutes are supplied with a free hard case

Keys can be added to keyless flutes

                 at a later date

    Please note that wait times are an estimate only,       whilst every effort is made to work to them,

      at certain times they can vary significantly


A 20% deposit is required when placing an   order, payable by Paypal or bank transfer

Tracked shipping worldwide available

      between 15-30 euro maximum

To place an order or for any questions please fill in the box below.


Thanks for submitting!

Thompson Flutes
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