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Wooden Whistles

Wooden Whistles now available 

Hardwood Whistles

Available in:

African Blackwood

With sterling silver rings & tuning slide 

(other timbers on request)

In D or Eb         245 euro

In C or C#         265 euro

In B                   295 euro

The same mouthpiece fits all models

Body only:

D or Eb            140 euro

C or C#            160 euro

B                      190 euro

African Blackwood & sterling silver             Whistles in Eb, D, C#, C & B

Liam Kelly (of Dervish fame) plays a reel on a Thompson        African Blackwood Whistle, many thanks to Liam!

Mary Bergin & Seamus Hernon play two Thompson Whistles in the workshop, many thanks to both!

Joanna Sweeney plays a Slow Air on a

Thompson African Blackwood Whistle.

          Many thanks to Joanna!

Ciaran Clifford & Liam Stapleton play a reel on two                 Thompson D whistles, cheers guys!


African Blackwood, Boxwood & Mopane Whistles in D

African Blackwood & silver Whistles

Whistle edit 2.jpg
Whistle edit 1.jpg

African Blackwood whistle with extra silverwork.                     Special commission by customer.

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