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Harry Bradley 'Standard' model in D

Harry Bradley here putting the new 'Standard' model flute through it's paces. Brilliant stuff, many thanks to Harry!

Fiachra O'Gaothin 'Student' model

Fiachra O'Gaothin playing a Thompson 'Student' model on the 'Cultir' programme recently broadcast on TG4. With Ryan Owens on Banjo & John McCartin on Guitar, Mighty stuff!

Harry Bradley reel

Harry here giving the 'Standard' model another blast. A great old reel, 'Miss Thorntons'. Deadly stuff & big thanks to Harry again!

Seamus Hernon C flute Jig.

Seamus Hernon from Sligo plays a jig on a Delrin flute in C. Many thanks to Seamus for this, lovely playing!

Conor McDonagh F flute

Conor McDonagh from nearby Killavil plays two reels on a

'Student' model F flute, cheers to Conor!

'The Green Mountain' reel.


Three Thompson flutes being played together at a session in Birmingham, a reel called 'The Green Mountain' played by Vivi Puntoebasta, Oisin Cooke & Tony Murray.

'Standard' model six key

Ruben Diez from Spain here trying the new 'Standard' model in the workshop, cheers to Ruben!

Oisin Cooke E flat Reel
Geraldine McNamara & Peter Troake (Reels)

Geraldine McNamara from County Clare & Pete Troake (my good friend) play a couple of reels on two Thompson flutes. Great stuff!

Oisin Cooke from Birmingham plays a reel on an E flat      flute I recently made for him, great stuff!

        James Murray Jigs

James Murray, the great flute & fiddle player from Co. Sligo here kindly playing two jigs. 'Pay the reckoning' & 'Up Sligo!'. Many thanks to James.

Jack Molloy (Jigs)

Jack Molloy plays a couple of jigs 'The Spiders Web' & 'Boys of the Town, on a Delrin 'Student' model flute I made for him.Cheers Jack!

'Student' model with D, C and E flat body sections.

The 'Student' model flute demonstrated here by Seamus Hernon. The 'Trio' of D, C and E flat body sections with one head joint. Many thanks again to Seamus!

Ronan McDonagh 'Down the broom'

Ronan McDonagh playing a reel on an Eb flute, 'Down the broom'. Many thanks to Ronan.

Philippe Barnes 'Rudall' with D, C
& E flat body sections 

Philippe Barnes (of Crossharbour & other projects) reviews a Thompson Delrin 'Rudall' model flute with D, C & E flat body sections. Cheers to Philippe!

Harry Bradley 'Winnie Hayes' jig

Harry plays 'Winnie Hayes' jig in Em on the new 'Standard' model. Cheers Harry!

Harry Bradley 'The Limerick Rake'

Harry plays another great old jig, 'The Limerick Rake' from a setting in Fintan Vallely's flute tutor book. Wonderful stuff.

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