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Fiachra O'Gaothin 'Student two piece' model

Fiachra O'Gaothin playing a Thompson 'Student two piece' model on the 'Cultir' programme recently broadcast on TG4. With Ryan Owens on Banjo & John McCartin on Guitar, Mighty stuff!

Seamus Hernon C flute Jig.

Seamus Hernon from Sligo plays a jig on a Delrin flute in C. Many thanks to Seamus for this, lovely playing!

'Student two piece' model with D, C and E flat body sections.
Philippe Barnes 'Rudall' with D, C & E flat body sections 

Philippe Barnes (of Crossharbour & other projects) reviews a Thompson Delrin 'Rudall' model flute with D, C & E flat body sections. Cheers to Philippe!

The 'Student two piece' model flute demonstrated here by Seamus Hernon. The 'Trio' of D, C and E flat body sections with one head joint. Many thanks again to Seamus!

Oisin Cooke E flat Reel

Oisin Cooke from Birmingham plays a reel on an E flat flute I recently made for him, great stuff!

James Murray 'Rudall' model

James Murray, the great flute & fiddle player from Co. Sligo here kindly playing two jigs on a 'Rudall'  model flute,

'Pay the reckoning' & 'Up Sligo!'. Many thanks to James.

Jack Molloy (Reel)

Jack Molloy (from an illustrious musical family!) plays a reel on one of my new 'Student two piece' model flutes at the Fleadh Cheoil in Drogheda.Thanks Jack!

Geraldine McNamara & Peter Troake (Reels)

Geraldine McNamara from County Clare & Pete Troake (my good friend) play a couple of reels on two Thompson flutes. Great stuff!

'The Green Mountain' reel.


Three Thompson flutes being played together at a session in Birmingham, a reel called 'The Green Mountain' played by Vivi Puntoebasta, Oisin Cooke & Tony Murray.

Jack Molloy (Jigs)

Jack Molloy plays a couple of jigs 'The Spiders Web' & 'Boys of the Town, on a Delrin 'Student two Piece' model flute I made for him.Cheers Jack!

Ronan McDonagh 'Down the broom'

Ronan McDonagh playing a reel on an Eb flute, 'Down the broom'. Many thanks to Ronan.

Conor McDonagh F flute

Conor McDonagh from Killavil plays two reels on a

'Student two piece' model F flute, cheers to Conor!

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